Wish Upon a Jackpot

Wish Upon a Jackpot


The opening is clear and concise, explaining the different bonuses, how they are triggered and what they do.  It also shows you the characters that you will run across in the game, and gives you a good shot of the graphics.  Kudos to the programmers. 


The graphics are very well done, much like you’d expect to see in a recently released game. However if your graphics card is a few years old, there are times where there is so much going on in the background that it might bog down your processor.  It’s not unplayable, mind you.  I just wouldn’t recommend doing much else on your computer while this game is running.


There is an option to play a demo mode, which is playing with virtual money, a great option for anyone just looking to try the game out.  I can appreciate the fact that I can try it before I buy it, as someone who has had severe buyer’s remorse with games before.


The controls are placed in areas that are easy to find and clearly marked, always good.  Some game makers don’t have that little bit down, which makes for very frustrating game play for all.  The graphics are family friendly, so there’s no concern about having to make sure the kids are in bed before you play.  In fact, they could play the game without an parental concerns.  It is simple, but fun gaming. 


I love the auto play button.  You don’t simply push it and let the game spin off into oblivion with your money.  Pushing the button gives you several options to choose from:  10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or until bonus.  This way you can simply pick the number of spins you want it to take and go check on dinner or that loud crash you just heard from the living room.  It should also be noted that if you pick, say 30 spins, and you get a bonus that requires you to choose something, the game will wait for you to return and choose.  You bonus will not simply automatically choose and move on without you.  The auto play will count down for you on the screen, but should you need to stop it, simply click the auto play button. 


There are several different types of bonuses, but the ones that seem the most interesting are the fairy tale bonus, where you pick a story that designates your bonus.  The bonus is triggered by getting three story books during a spin, at which point you are asked to choose one of the three.  The bonus you receive is then revealed, so you won’t know which you’ve gotten until then.


The three little pigs give you pigs that come onto the screen and turn positions into wild cards.  Wonderful in helping you to win back some of the money you’ve lost.  The wilds stay on the board until the big bad wolf arrives, and huffs and puffs and blows them away. 


Rapunzel’s story gives out free spins.  Each spin makes the prince climb the tower to reach his fair Repunzel, and the higher her climbs, the higher the spin multiplier goes.  Should your spin not yield any winnings to multiply, it simply spins again for you.  The winnings can really add up on this one, for example, I won $62.20 in one single instance of this.  The bonus ends when the Prince reaches the top of The Jack and the Bean Stalk story puts you as jack on the stalk.  Revealing an “advance" causes the stalk to grow and increases your bonus.  Revealing a “collect” allows you to collect your winnings from the bonus.  Should you happen to get the top prize, a golden goose, your payout will be much larger, up Rumpelstiltskin’s bonus is an interesting version of deal or no deal, in short.  He will offer you a certain amount of contracts.  Contracts will either consist of an amount given up front by your host, or a mystery prize amount.  You can choose to sign the offered contract or pass on to what you hope will be the next one.  The number that he will offer isn’t fixed, so be careful!


The fairy godmother spin give you three floating orbs that you have to choose from.  Picking will give you one of five bonuses: Pinocchio Wilds, where Pinocchio turns some of the positions into wild cards. Wild Reels, where the ginger bread man randomly turns a reel wild.  Puss in Wilds, which turns the symbols around him into wilds. A bonus, which is guaranteed to award one of the features and finally, a fairy win spin, which will award you with a big win on your spin.  The fairy godmother is randomly triggered, and will show up after your spin has started, while the reels are spinning.


The pay table button takes you to several screens that explain the pay outs of each of the several symbols, and the pay outs of the bonuses that you can achieve.  It’s simply put together and easy to understand, so you know exactly what you’re winning when you won it.  Considering that they want you to play with actual money, this is a great design plus for this game.


Another plus for me is that there is no download to play the demo.  If you’re like me, you have a concern about how much hard drive space you have left.  Any game that can give you quality graphics and game play, but without the hefty download is okay in my book.


In short, this game is a simple slot, but very pretty and a lot of fun to play.  There is just enough bonus and variation to keep your attention, but not so much that it complicates the game.  I would recommend it to slots game fans of any age.